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Map the mind : Tap the prime

Map the mind : Tap the prime

Committed to Excellence in Education… to the dual objective of Quality Education and Character Building.

Your child is a unique individual. In recent years the theory of multiple intelligences proposed by Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner is gaining momentum. In order to capture the full range of abilities and talents that people possess, Gardner theorizes that people do not have just one intellectual capacity, but have many kinds of intelligence, including musical, interpersonal, spatial-visual, and linguistic intelligences.

Their uncommon perspective and strengths in that field will allow them to make a very unique and valuable contribution to the society. Pay attention to what comes easily to them that others seem to struggle with. Having a great understanding of their innate strengths will enable us to help them maximize these strengths. Also, help them figure out what lights them up.

Many devote more time to fix their shortcomings than to develop the strengths. We also see that many people end up as a failure in life because of wrongly chosen career which is due to compulsion, ignorance and lack of knowledge about our inner potentials. A lot of time and energy is wasted on choosing a career or deciding a suitable path for our children.

Psychologists call it "Strength Spotting" and since you know your child well, you can help with this. Remind your offspring what they do well on a micro level. Note the circumstances under which your child works best, whether it's alone, in small groups or in a large one. All of these skills and preferences are clues to possible careers.

But we at KnowledgeGram will give your child opportunities to try new activities and expose them to nature, the arts, science, museums, animals, travel, people…there are so many opportunities to enjoy and learn together with record there of on different levels.

We will find out the strength in your child by keeping a track from the very beginning of their schooling and using the psychometric tests including DMIT through the modern techniques. During the schooling we will provide you a complete and comprehensive report about the learner’s strengths which will help him/her to pursue a suitable career which is congenial to his nature and ability. This will surely help our students lead a joyful and successful life and stop beating about the bush while deciding the child’s future course of actions. Ultimately the society and country will be a gainer when the potentials of the individuals are tapped to the fullest, at the right time in the right manner and towards the right direction.